South Heart Lignite Mine
Permit Application SHSH-1001
Revision 1

South Heart Coal LLC
601 Jefferson Street, Suite 3600
Houston, TX 77002

3 Operation Plans

List of Figures

Figure 3.1-1 Pit Layout and Facilities Map
Figure 3.1-2 Life of Mine Overburden and Lignite Removal Schedule Map
Figure 3.1-3a Mine Support Facilities (Conceptual)
Figure 3.1-3b Owner's Offices (Conceptual)
Figure 3.1-4 Haul Truck Fueling Depot (Conceptual)
Figure 3.1-5a Utilities Re-Route Map - Water Lines
Figure 3.1-5b Utilities Re-Route Map - Communication Lines
Figure 3.1-5c Utilities Re-Route Map - Underground Gas and Electric Lines
Figure 3.1-5d Utilities Re-Route Map - Power Lines
Figure 3.2-1a Existing Structures Map - Power Lines
Figure 3.2-1b Existing Structures Map - Gas Pipe Lines and Water Lines
Figure 3.2-1c Existing Structures Map - Communication Utilities
Figure 3.3-1 Blasting Distances Map
Figure 3.3-2 Typical Blast Design Using Nonel Trunklines and Downline Delays
Figure 3.3-3 Typical Blast Design Using Detonating Cord
Figure 3.5-1 General Haul Roads and Coal Ramps Layout
Figure 3.5-2 Main Haul Road - Typical Cross-Sections
Figure 3.5-3 Access Roads - Typical Cross-Sections
Figure 3.5-4 Figure Removed, Number Kept as a Place Holder
Figure 3.5-5 Explosive Material Storage Area Access Road Profile
Figure 3.5-6 Pit Access Road - Profile
Figure 3.5-7 Main Haul Road - Segment 1 Profile
Figure 3.5-8 Main Haul Road - Segment 2 Profile
Figure 3.5-9 Main Haul Road - Segment 3 Profile
Figure 3.5-10 Main Haul Road - Segment 4 Profile
Figure 3.5-11a Site Access Route Map
Figure 3.5-11b Right of Way Closure and Road Relocation Map
Figure 3.5-12 Culvert and Bridge Locations
Figure 3.5-13 South Branch Heart River HEC-RAS Analysis and Cross-Sections
Figure 3.5-14 South Branch Heart River Haul Road Bridge Plan
Figure 3.6-1 Life of Mine Water Management Plan
Figure 3.6-2 Permit Term Water Management Plan Sheet 1 of 2
Figure 3.6-3 Permit Term Water Management Plan Sheet 2 of 2
Figure 3.6-4 Ditch CD-1A
Figure 3.6-5 Ditch CD-2A
Figure 3.6-6 Pond 1
Figure 3.6-7 Pond 2
Figure 3.6-8 Small Area Exemptions - Stockpile Containment Designs

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