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2.6 Surface Water Information

List of Figures

Figure 2.6-1 Overview of Surface Water Study Areas
Figure 2.6-2 Geomorphic Site Locations
Figure 2.6-3 Drainage Area - Local Channel Slope Relationship in the Primary Study Area
Figure 2.6-4 Overland Flow Path Length - Ground Slope Relationship in the Primary Study Area
Figure 2.6-5 Location of Structures and Ponds
Figure 2.6-6A Surface Water Contributing Watersheds Sheet 1
Figure 2.6-6B Surface Water Contributing Subwatersheds Sheet 2
Figure 2.6-7 Heart River Near South Heart (USGS GAGE #06343000) Mean Daily Flow Hydrograph and Flow Exceedance Probabilities, Period of Record from July 01, 1946 to September 30, 1984
Figure 2.6-8 Stark County Surface Water Rights
Figure 2.6-9 Surface Water Quality Monitoring Locations

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