South Heart Lignite Mine
Permit Application SHSH-1001
Revision 2

South Heart Coal LLC
601 Jefferson Street, Suite 3600
Houston, TX 77002

4 Post-Mining and Reclamation Plans

List of Tables

Table 4.1-1 Overburden Quality Sample Holes within Permit Boundary
Table 4.1-2 Overburden EC, SAR, and SAT Values by Landowner per Year
Table 4.1-3 Pre and Post Mining Wetland Acreage Comparison by Landowner and Water Regime
Table 4.1-4 Reclamation Schedule
Table 4.1-5 Legal Description of the Permit Area
Table 4.2-1 Pre- versus Post-mining Land Use Acreage by Landowner - Permit Area
Table 4.2-2 Pre- versus Post-mining Land Use Acreage - Permit Area
Table 4.3-1 Pre-Cropland Seed Mixture
Table 4.3-2 Basic Native Grassland Seed Mixture
Table 4.3-3 Species to be Added to the Basic Native Grass Mix by Ecological Site Description
Table 4.3-4 Temporary Area Seed Mix
Table 4.3-5 Stocking Rates for Woody Species

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