South Heart Lignite Mine
Permit Application SHSH-1001
Revision 2

South Heart Coal LLC
601 Jefferson Street, Suite 3600
Houston, TX 77002

2.10 Wetlands

Appendix 2.10-1

List of Tables

Table 2.0-1 Number of 2006 Vegetation Plots Meeting Hydrophytic Criteria (In text page 7)
Table 2.0-2 Number of Plots Evaluated in 2007 Meeting Wetland Criteria (In text page 8)
Table 2.0-3 Wetland Status for 80 Plots Sampled Wetland Study Area
Table 2.3-1 Wetland Acreage by Landowner and Wetland Mapping Unit - Permit Area
Table 2.4-1 Wetland Water Quality Data

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