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2.9 Fish and Wildlife Resources

List of Tables

Table 2.9-1 Field Studies by Month
Table 2.9-2 Comparison of Baseline Vegetation Types (SCOW 2007) and Wildlife Habitat Types (WESTECH 1993)
Table 2.9-3 Characteristics of Landbird Belt Transects
Table 2.9-4 Acreages of Wildlife Habitats Identified in the South Heart Lignite Mine Fish and Wildlife Baseline Study Area
Table 2.9-5 Wildlife Species Recorded by Habitat
Table 2.9-6 Wildlife Species Recorded at Impoundments, 2006-2007
Table 2.9-7 Pronghorn Sightings by Habitat, 2006-2007
Table 2.9-8 White-Tailed Deer Sightings by Habitat, 2006-2007
Table 2.9-9 Ring-Necked Pheasant Sightings by Habitat, 2006-2007
Table 2.9-10 Ring-Necked Pheasant Crow Count Results, 2007
Table 2.9-11 Mourning Dove Coo Count Results, 2007
Table 2.9-12 Landbird Survey Results, June 2007

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