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2.6 Surface Water Information

List of Tables

Table 2.6-1 Geomorphic Characteristics of Streams at the Ten Alluvial Sites in the Primary Study Area
Table 2.6-2 Culvert Descriptions
Table 2.6-3 Bridge and Dam Descriptions
Table 2.6-4 Reservoirs and Stock Ponds
Table 2.6-5 Stream Gage and Catchment Information
Table 2.6-6 Summary Information for USGS Stream Gages
Table 2.6-7 Baseflow Calculations for the Heart River
Table 2.6-8 Mean Monthly Flows
Table 2.6-9 Primary Study Area Gaging Station Site Selection Criteria
Table 2.6-10 Primary Study Area Gaging Station Measuring Devices
Table 2.6-11 Summary of Stark County Water Rights
Table 2.6-12 Summary of Historic Water Quality Data and Documentation Sources
Table 2.6-13 Criteria for Selecting Water Quality Sampling Sites
Table 2.6-14 Surface Water Sampling Events
Table 2.6-15 Surface Water Quality Data: Average, Minimum, Maximum and Number of Sample Dates for Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids, Iron and pH
Table 2.6-16 Curve Numbers Associated with Different Hydrologic Soil Types
Table 2.6-17 Comparison of Potential Changes in Flows from Proposed Mine Operations
Table 2.6-18 Comparison of Potential Changes in Flows Following Mine Reclamation
Table 2.6-19 Surface Water Quality Assessment

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